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Resits and Further First Attempts

If you fail to satisfy the examiners at the end of the academic year, you will normally be asked to take further tests. (The main exception to this rule is in the case of designated laboratory modules. If you fail one of these you may be required to withdraw from the University.)

These tests can either be in September or the following summer. They can be as final attempts (Resits) or further first attempts (FFAs). FFAs can be offered to students by the Board of Examiners when there is evidence to explain the first failure and on the basis of a recommendation by the Mitigating Circumstances Panel.

September Exams

The University runs examinations for most first year examined core modules in physics and mathematics. There are also examinations for the second year core modules PX262 Quantum Mechanics and its Applications, PX263 Electromagnetic Theory and Optics and PX265 Thermal Physics II (these cover material prescribed by the Institute of Physics). They are normally held in the first full week in September. The marks for PX149, PX262, PX263 and PX265, considered by the Examination Boards deciding on students' progression after resits, will be the marks obtained in the resit examination (i.e. they will not be combined with the assessed coursework marks).

If you are required to take such tests, you must register for them (usually by the end of July) via the University's website. If you do not register you will not have a seat in the examination hall for the tests you have been asked to take. Further information about first year resits can by found at the FYBOE (First Year Board of Examiners) page.

If you are taking any of these tests as a final attempt the University levies a charge, which you must pay if you want your performance to be considered by the Examination Board.

Summer Resits

Resits without residence may be offered to you:

  • If you fail a FFA in September;
  • If you fail the second year in such a way that resitting the three second year physics modules, for which there are September resit examinations, would not provide enough evidence to allow you to proceed to the third year;
  • If you fail the final year of your course. In this case the Examination Board, considering your marks obtained in the resit examinations, can only consider awarding a Pass degree.

Normally the University will contact you during term 2 to ask if you are planning on taking the tests.

If you fail to meet the criteria for progression from the third year to the fourth year of the MPhys or MMathPhys course, you will normally be treated as a final year student on the corresponding BSc.