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Bullying, harassment and dignity at work

Dignity at work is paramount. Any incident of bullying and harassment should be reported through your line manager, to any of the contacts provided by HR below, or directly to me. It will be dealt with sensitively and with resolve.”

- Professor Mark Newton, Head of Physics Department

  Professor Mark Newton

We aim to treat all staff and students fairly and with dignity. The workplace should be free of bullying and harassment of any kind. Annual staff surveys show that we are doing very well in this respect. Nevertheless, we are not complacent; the Department takes such matters very seriously and even one case is unacceptable.

We are committed to eliminating bullying and harassment at work. We want to know about any issue that arises and we will do our best to resolve it.

However, unless we learn about what is happening it is hard to act, so please report any issues. This applies equally to your own experience or observation of the effects on others.

Speak with whomever you feel comfortable: within Physics you can approach your supervisor or cluster head, speak to the Senior Administrator, or approach the Head of Department directly.

Staff and students who wish to speak in confidence to someone outside of the department can make contact with an advisor via the Report + Support webpage. Reports can be made anonymously or with full details. You can also contact the department’s HR Link Officer directly.

Students (undergraduates and postgraduates) can also access the Students' Union Advice and Welfare office which has considerable experience of dealing with students' problems.

Please be reassured that we are used to dealing with sensitive matters and respecting confidences. We have a wide variety of ways to resolve issues.

For more information on the Dignity at Warwick policy, please click here.