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Midlands Physics Alliance Graduate School

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MPAGS delivers high quality training modules for Physics research students across leading Midlands universities.

Information for Students

  • Your MPAGS module requirements are determined by your local course regulations (e.g. Warwick, Nottingham) and modules should be chosen in consultation with your supervisor with these rules in mind.
  • Not all MPAGS modules run every year and we aim to give you the chance to plan and complete your module selection over 2 years.
  • Assessment is done on a module-by-module basis. As well as your individual results and feedback, a pass/fail is reported back to your Director of Graduate Studies as part of your progress monitoring.
  • We appreciate your feedback on the training modules (content, delivery and any other aspects).

About the Midlands Physics Alliance

The Midlands Physics Alliance is based around a strategic alliance of three highly ranked Physics Departments:

The aim of the Alliance has been to establish a coordinated research grouping and a joint Graduate School with the critical mass to compete with the top US and EU Universities. The Alliance is built on current high quality research in each of our departments (all RAE grade 5), and in 2007 received initial funding from HEFCE of £4m to develop the graduate school over the next five years. Phase 2 of the alliance was launched in 2010 with further support of £3m.

Academic Coordinators

Birmingham: Professor Cristina Lazzeroni

Warwick: Dr. Elizabeth Stanway

Nottingham: Dr. Lucia Hackermueller

General Queries

Please forward any queries in the first instance to