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MPAGS Training Modules

Modules are grouped by broad subject area for convenience. Students are free to choose any modules subject to their home department's rules on the taught components of the research degree. Please browse all subject areas when looking for modules and contact the module convenor if you are not sure whether the module would be suitable.

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Module Calendar 2023/24


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Academic staff contact details can be found for Warwick, Birmingham , Nottingham, Leicester, Bristol , and Sheffield

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Modules 2023/24

Module Convenor

Subject Area

Scheduled Date


Richard Alexander(Leicester) Formation of Planetary Systems Start: 07/11/2023
Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay (Warwick)

Astrophysical Techniques

Start: 30/10/2023

Simon Dye, Omar Almaini (Nottingham)

Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay (Warwick)

Astronomy Background Reading Terms 1-3

Christopher Moore and

Patricia Schmidt (Birmingham

Black Hole and Gravitational Waves Not running 2023/24



  Term 1  
Michael Smith (Nottingham) An Introduction to Scientific Computing with Python Start: 03/10/2023

Mark Slater (Birmingham), Thomas Latham (Warwick)

Luke Kreczko (Bristol)

Software Development with C++ Start: 06/10/2023
  Term 2  
Rudo Roemer (Warwick) Machine Learning Start: 10/01/2024
Jamie Mair (Nottingham) High performance computing in Julia Not running 2023/24



  Term 1  
Gavin Bell (Warwick) Nano / Surface Physics (online only, Moodle) Available for self study 2023/24
Dr Maksym Myronov (Warwick) Epitaxy Fundamentals Not running 2023/24
Gavin Bell (Warwick) Vacuum Science (hands-on content + Moodle) Partly available 2023/24
Vincent Boyer and Giovanni Barontini (Birmingham) Optics Lab (hands-on content) Not running 2023/24
Maksym Myronov (Warwick) Introduction to Microfabrication Not running 2023/24
Richard Beanland (Warwick) Introduction to Microscopy Start: 15/11/2023
Martin Long (Birmingham) Probes of Condensed Matter:Mossbauer and Mu-SR
Not running 2023/24
Mark Dennis (Birmingham) Introduction to Continuous Groups  Not running 2023/24
Mike Gunn (Birmingham) Bosonic Physics  Not running 2023/24
Stephen Powell (Nottingham) Classical and Quantum Phase Transitions Not running 2023/24
Dr Dimitri Gangardt (Birmingham) Bose-Einstein Condensation in Ultra Cold Gases Not running 2023/24

Animesh Datta (Warwick)

Quantum Computation Self study
  Term 2  
Professor Igor Lerner (Birmingham)

Introduction to Quantum Field Theory for Condensed Matter

Not running 2023/24
Kay Brandner (Nottingham)

Open Quantum Systems and Quantum Thermodynamics

Start: 16/01/2024
Maksym Myronov (Warwick)

Physics of semiconductor materials and devices

Will run in 2024/25



  Term 1  
Karolos Potamianos (Warwick) Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Start: 02/10/2023
Steven Hillier (Birmingham) Introduction to Particle Physics Start: 02/10/2023
Francesco Gonnella (Birmingham) Digital Electronics Start: 10/10/2023
Dr O. Villalobos Baillie (Birmingham) Group Theory for Particle Physics Start: 13/11/2023
Paul Newman (Birmingham)

Proton Structure and How we Know It

Start: 08/11/2023
Dr Tasos Avgoustidis (Nottingham) Quantum Field Theory Start: 14/11/2023
Konstantinos A. Petridis (Bristol) QED and the Standard Model Start: 14/11/2023
Kostas Nikolopoulos (Birmingham) Data Analysis with Machine Learning Not running 2023/24
  Term 2  
Jonas Rademacker (Bristol) Statistics for Particle Physics Start: 15/01/2024
Dr Andrew Chisholm (Birmingham) Particle Techniques Start: 08/01/2024
Kostas Nikolopoulos (Birmingham) Higgs Boson Physics Not running 2023/24
Roman Lietava (Birmingham) and Karim Massri (CERN) Trigger for Particle Physics Start: 12/01/2024
Dr Susan Cartwright (Sheffield) Astroparticle Start: 10/01/2024
Dr Susan Cartwright (Sheffield) Massive Neutrino Start: 14/02/2024
Vitaly Kudryavtsev (Sheffield) Particle Dark Matter Start: 13/03/2024
Vitaly Kudryavtsev (Sheffield) Background radiations in underground laboratories Start: 22/05/2024