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Dr Elizabeth Sharp attends the Global Young Scientists Summit in Singapore

Dr Elizabeth Sharp was shortlisted to represent the department at the Global Young Scientists Summit in January, in Singapore.

The conference is aimed to bring together young researchers and top scientific minds from around the world to discuss science and technology and how research could address major global challenges from a broad range of subject areas.

Elizabeth attended the conference for five days which included site visits higher education institutions in Singapore, plenary lectures from Nobel Prize winners, discussion panels on current issues / events in the field, student quickfire presentations and small group sessions with selected key speakers. She was also selected to display a poster of her research on the development of a prototype instrumentation device for the pressure measurement of Special Nuclear Material containment and will be trialled on a nuclear site within the coming weeks.

Elizabeth says:

"The whole conference was superb, and the organisers thought of a really great way to get the participants networking. There were lots of additional activities such as a rooftop garden dinner and an evening networking event in Clarke Quay. I really enjoyed attending talks from outside my research area and taking part in discussion panels."

Elizabeth standing next to the GYSS conference sign