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Francesca Poli (Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University, USA)

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Title: The role of integrated modeling in discharge prediction and development of more robust algorithms for real time control

Abstract: Integrated modeling using time-dependent transport solvers is a valuable tool for the development of robust control algorithms because it enables testing the plasma response to external and internal disturbances using high fidelity physics models. We discuss time dependent modeling of the control of Neoclassical Tearing Modes (NTMs) on ITER taking into account the time scales of the ITER EC systems with respect to the mode evolution. We have interfaced the transport and equilibrium solver TRANSP with a Modified Rutherford Equation for the evolution of the NTM width and rotation frequency, with a feedback control for the EC system, and analyzed the ITER operational space, from the commissioning phase to the demonstration baseline, with different gas mixes. The results indicate that the control schemes envisaged on ITER for NTM control and extrapolated from present-day experiments should be revisited. They also open new directions for the research in support of ITER and for validation of real-time control techniques on present-day tokamaks.


Tags: CFSA Seminar

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