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Mental Health Awareness training for personal tutors

Location: PLT

The University‚Äôs Head of Mental Health, Sarah Ashworth, will be making a visit to Physics to deliver a session on Mental Health Awareness, with an emphasis on student mental health but also applicable to staff mental health.  


This will be on Wednesday 10th October at 1pm in PLT. Lunch will be provided on the Science Concourse from 1230.


All personal tutors should attend, as well as those supervising graduate students.


Sarah will cover:

  • student mental health in context: including prevalence and some of the reasons why there appears to have been an increase in mental health difficulties in the student population
  • some of the signs to look out for which might indicate that someone has a mental health difficulty
  • what to remember when responding to someone who may be experiencing a mental health difficulty
  • an overview of Wellbeing Support Services
  • some evidence-based strategies for managing mental health and wellbeing


The session will last up to three hours, but will finish well in advance of the departmental colloquium that afternoon.

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