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Computation meets Experiment: KKR Greens functions for calculations of spectroscopic, transport and magnetic properties

8th - 15th July 2013


Julie Staunton (University of Warwick), Jan Minar, Diemo Koedderitzsch (LMU Muenchen), Martin Lueders (STFC, Daresbury)


The 'Hands-on' KKR Computational Tutorial

8th - 12th July 2013

This tutorial will show how to use the KKR-Green's function method for carrying out Density Functional based calculations. This method has been tested and proven extensively and implemented on both high performance and desktop computing facilities and the tutorial will introduce both theoreticians and experimentalists to its most recently added functionalities showing them how to use the codes to calculate spectroscopic, transport and magnetic properties of solids. Accordingly, the tutorial will have lectures dealing with both the formal background and technical details and a set of hands-on computational sessions. There will be an evening poster session where the students can show their current research and swap ideas.

The aim of the course is to introduce theoreticians as well as experimentalists into the KKR bandstructure method and its use.

We anticipate being able to support up to 40 participants' accommodation and living expenses. There will be a registration fee of £50.

Deadline to apply for a place: 21st June 2013

Research Conference: Computation meets Experiment

13th - 15th July 2013

The aim of this workshop is to bring experimentalists together with computational physicists from the Green's function electronic structure community to stimulate and work out new ideas and collaborations.

Topics to be discussed from both experimental and theoretical sides will include: study of magnetic phase diagrams and applications to adaptive magnetic materials; ARPES, neutron and X-ray scattering measurements of strongly correlated materials such as unconventional superconductors; study of charge, spin and thermo-transport; development of spectroscopies and their analysis. There will be 10 sessions, each with keynote experimental and theoretical talks.

We anticipate being able to cover most participants' accommodation and living expenses.

Deadline to apply for a place: 21st June 2013



To register your interest and apply for a place on the 'Hands-on' Tutorial, please click here.

To register your interest and apply for a place for the Research Conference, please click here.





Programme for Tutorial
(8-12th July)

Tutorial participants: Please bring a laptop with the appropriate adaptor for the UK.

Programme for Conference (13-15th July)

Posters: Up to A0 size (840mm X 1200mm approximately) portrait display

Registration ('Hands-on' Tutorial)
(Research Conference)

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