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Latest Developments in Frustrated Magnetism:spin liquids, spin glass, spin ice states

Saturday 5th July 2014, Radcliffe House - Meeting Room 6

Organiser: Oleg Petrenko (Warwick)


Frustration in many body systems denotes the inability to find states that simultaneously minimise all interaction energy terms. Unlike conventional systems, frustrated systems do not order in a unique ground state at low temperatures. Whilst they remain disordered, they often develop non-trivial correlations that lead to new and unexpected properties. Frustrated spin systems have been found to exhibit many interesting phenomena, including spin liquid and spin glass behaviour, magnetic phases with topological order and fractionalisation, emergent gauge symmetries and excitations. This summer an international conference on Highly Frustrated Magnetism HFM2014 will be held in Cambridge. We would like to take advantage of this event and organise a one-day workshop in Warwick on the subject of frustrated magnetism. This workshop will bring together international experts in the area, both theoreticians and experimentalists, to explore the new physics of frustrated magnets in various triangular, kagome, pyrochlores, garnets, tetraborides, and other materials.


Please register you interest by 6th June, by filling in the online form, spaces are limited for this event and there is no fee to attend.


Final program (PDF format).


Confirmed Participants List and Talk Titles:

Dr. J.S. Gardner, Bragg Institute, ANSTO: "Hunt for new spin-1/2, triangular systems"

Dr. P. Manuel, ISIS, STFC: "Magnetic structure and short range correlations in LuFe2O4 under magnetic field"

Dr. P. Baker, ISIS, STFC: "Muon spin relaxation studies of the pinwheel kagome compounds Rb2Cu3SnF12 and Cs2Cu3SnF12"

Dr. D.L. Quintero-Castro, Helmholtz Zentrum, Berlin: "Magnetic properties of SrYb2O4, facts and challenges"

Dr. M. Ciomaga-Hatnean, Warwick: "Crystal growth, structural and magnetic studies of zirconate pyrochlores"

Prof. A.I. Smirnov, Kapitza Institute, Moscow: "Magnetic resonance of spinons in a triangular antiferromagnet"

Prof. A.L. Chernyshev, UC Irvine: "Odd interactions in quantum magnets and liquids"

Prof. B.Z. Malkin, Kazan Federal University: "Random strains in real crystals studied by means of high-frequency EPR and high-resolution optical spectroscopy"

Prof. O.A. Starykh, University of Utah: "Spin-current instability of the 1/3 magnetization plateau"

Prof. L.-J. Chang, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan

Prof. P. Sengupta, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: "Novel magnetization plateaus and spin supersolid phases in generalized Shastry-Sutherland model - relevance to rare-earth tetraborides"

Prof. G. Balakrishnan, Dr. M.R. Lees, Dr. T.P.A. Hase, Dr. N.d-Ambrumenil, D. Brunt, Dr. P. Goddard (all Warwick)


To be held at Meeting Room 6, Radcliffe House, Scraman Road, University of Warwick. For travel directions to the University, please click here. Please note that extensive workroads are being carried out on campus, for a map of campus and the area affected, please click here.

Venue and Accommodation

To book accomodation please contact Sarah Jones 02476 573925 or email

There are two options available for this event;

Arthur Vick en-suite Student accomodation charged at £56.40 room and breakfast rate

Scarman House Conference Centre charged at £78.00 per night bed+breakfast rate.


For further information please contact;

Oleg Petrenko Ngan Dam
Associate Professor Research Secretary
+44(0)2476 573128 +44(0)2476 151384
Department of Physics Department of Physics
University of Warwick University of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7AL Coventry, CV4 7AL