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The Christmas Lectures

Each year the physics department collaborates with other STEM subjects to host a series of fun and accessible lectures on a range of topics, recommended for 8 years old and up. Below are some examples of previous Christmas Lectures. If you are interested in coming to future Christmas lectures held by our department, please keep up to date with the Warwick Art Centre website where they will all be listed closer to the date.

Online Warwick Christmas Lectures 2020

With all of the challenges that 2020 brought, physicists at the University of Warwick did what they do best - finding new solutions to problems! Watch all 6 of the online Warwick Christmas Lectures from 2020 here: Online Warwick Christmas Lectures 2020 

Highlights from previous years:

How to Survive in a Cartoon Universe - Dr. Rachel Edwards

We found ourselves sucked in to a cartoon universe where the laws of physics seemed a little different, but luckily we had Dr. Rachel Edwards to explain all the gadgets and science we needed in order to survive. Have a look here at the award Rachel won for her excellence in engaging with the public.

Dr. Rachel Edwards trying to catch a pink-achuDr. Rachel Edwards juggling with skittles Dr Rachel Edwards aided by her minions

The Chorus of the Cosmos: The Search for Gravitational Waves - Dr. Gregory Brown

We were stretched, strained, compressed and exploded as we explored the universe in our quest for gravitational waves.

Dr. Gregory Brown demonstrating gravity Dr. Gregory Brown demonstrating addition of velocities A group of academics demonstrating in tutus

There's No Business like Snow Business - Ally Caldecote

We considered all things snow while investigating what temperature is, how we change the state of a material and how to prevent being snowed in before experiencing our very own science made snowstorm.

Some volunteers looked into the best way to melt iceA volunteer wraps up warm for the snow stormDr. Chris Burrows makes instant ice cream with the help of some liquid nitrogen

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