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Visits to the University

Open Days

If you are interested in visiting the University of Warwick, then the best way to do this is to attend one of our open days. To find out more information about our open days, please click here.

School Visits

We also welcome visits to the university by school groups as our enthusiastic academics and research staff would be delighted to tell you all about their work. We offer:

  • Tours of the department
  • Tours of the wider university
  • Interactive demonstrations for small groups
  • Seminars for a range of ages

A visit comprising of all of these elements could be expected to last a couple of hours.

Tour of the Department

Tours of the department are a chance to see all of the interesting equipment that is usually hidden away in the depths of the building, as well as the labs where our current students learn about how to carry out extensive experiments. This will usually be run by one of our current students or academic staff so you can ask questions to someone who uses these facilities in their daily life.

Tour of the University

Tours around the university can vary in length depending on interests and age range. A typical tour takes 45 minutes and visits all the main areas of student activity including the sports centre, Oculus building, library, arts centre, piazza and student union. Student life is always changing, and our tours are always being adapted so you can see the best of what is going on during each visit.

Interactive Demonstrations for Small Groups

Our most popular interactive demonstrations are liquid nitrogen and optical, electron and scanning probe microscopy, but we host a wide variety of demonstrations which are always changing with the research being undertaken within the department.

Excellent Academic Speakers

Dr Rachel Edwards won an award for her excellent work engaging schools and public groups with the scientific research she does as part of the physics department. Read more here:

Rachel Edwards receiving award for PE


Members of the department give talks of various lengths on a wide range of topics to all age groups and levels. The seminars can be delivered at the University or in some instances at local schools and societies. Research done within the department covers the whole Physics spectrum from the smallest (elementary particle physics), through the study of what is around us (condensed matter physics) to the biggest (astrophysics).

Talks that have been given in the past include:

Nanoscience: what's the big deal?
Dr Neil Wilson

Extreme Stellar Explosions
Dr Andrew Levan

Gravitational waves, a new window on the Universe
Professor Tom Marsh

Astronomy at high speed: the Universe on sub-second timescales
Professor Tom Marsh

Hunting for Extra-Solar Planets
Dr Peter Wheatley

Dance of Death in the Stellar Graveyard
Dr Boris Gaensicke 

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