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Our Activities

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Two students working on a computer

School Visits

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Two children using interactive tablets

Coding with SophieLink opens in a new window

The Coding with Sophie programme has been developed by astrophysicists, with the aim to improve coding literacy and to inspire primary school children to consider coding (and more broadly STEM)

Users in the planetarium


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Christmas lecture experiment

Christmas Lectures

Each year we collaborate with other STEM subjects and scientists leave their labs to entertain and amaze audiences. Expect mind-boggling science, explosive experiments and audience participation. Recommended 8+.

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Group of students listening to presentation

X-ray Materials Science TripLink opens in a new window

The trip gives sixteen Year 12 female students the opportunity to visit the European Synchrotron Research Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France.

Other places you may have seen us

Text to include, as well as our usual outreach activities we get involved in lots more ad-hoc activities throughout the year. Here you can see just some of what we've been up to.

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