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Journal Club Weeks 1 to 5

You can download the entire set of resources for weeks 1 to 5 as a zipped folder.

The zipped folder contains:

  • blank Cornell notes templates for each week (as Word and PDF documents)
  • completed Cornell notes answers (as Word and PDF documents)

The zipped folder does not contain answers to summary questions, but the best student examples can be seen in the answer links below.

Week One: P. W. Anderson. More Is Different.

Week one answers

Week Two: LIGO's Observation of Gravitational Waves by a Binary Black Hole Merger.

Week two answers

Week Three: I. Timokhin & A. Mischenko. Novel approach to Room Temperature Superconductivity problem.

Week three answers

Week Four: A. K. Geim (2011), Nobel Lecture: Random walk to graphene

Week four answers

Week Five: Lise Meitner and O. R. Frisch (1969), Disintegration of Uranium by Neutrons: a New Type of Nuclear Reaction.

Week five answers