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Our Shows

We have a selection of shows available. Some include a narration track, while others are presented by our volunteers.

Each showing needs another 10-15 minutes on top of the runtime for our H&S talk, ingress and egress, and a little time for some questions. The dome can accommodate up to a maximum of 20 small (primary age) children at a time (plus our volunteers and a couple of teachers/staff). Capacity decreases if your students are older!

We Are Aliens
Runtime: 25 minutes.
Most suitable for: ages 7-12.

Explore our solar system and beyond in the hunt for habitable environments and alien life!
Produced by NSC Creative, narrated by Rupert Grint.

We Are Astronomers
Runtime 25 minutes.
Most suitable for ages 12-16.

Uncover the secrets of stars, and learn about some of the instruments scientists use to learn about how our universe works!
Produced by NSC Creative, narrated by David Tennant.

Stellarium Night Sky Tour
Runtime 20 - 30 minutes.
Most suitable for all ages.

Star gazing can often be difficult in Britain, mainly because of all the clouds and rain! We are able to use the Stellarium software to project the night sky onto our dome which is a great interactive way for looking at constellations without cloud cover!

The is narrated by our volunteers who are all keen Astronomers.

Additional Activities

Our volunteers are also happy to conduct dedicated Question and Answer sessions (as well as any impromptu questions at the end of the show in the dome), about any and all areas of astronomy!

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