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  • More information on the images can be found in the gallery page on the images that won, and other images which you may find interesting.
  • The picture packs with information on the winning entries can be seen by clicking on the images below.
  • There is a slideshow here which contains a selection of Researchers entries.
  • Information on other Scientific Art competitions can be found in the links section.
  • Information on opportunities within the Warwick Physics Outreach Scheme can be found on the Warwick Physics Outreach website here.
  • Information on opportunities within the Warwick Chemistry Outreach Scheme can be found on the Warwick Chemistry Outreach website here.
  • A selection of suggestions for lesson plans, incorporating the 6 winning images, will soon be available.


snapshotofsci_1.jpg snapshotofsci_2.jpg
snapshotofsci_3.jpg snapshotofsci_4.jpg
snapshotofsci_5.jpg snapshotofsci_6.jpg
  • Tung Fai Yu is a member of the medical Physics group at Warwick.
  • His gait is captured here in 3 dimensions by tracking the motion of reflective markers placed at key points on his body.
snapshotofsci_7.jpg snapshotofsci_8.jpg
  • Dr Juliet Coates runs a group in Biosciences at the University of Birmingham.
  • The image is an example of confocal microscopy, it uses flourescent labels to highlight different structures in the cells.
snapshotofsci_9.jpg snapshotofsci_10.jpg
  • Ceri Lyn-Adams is a member of the Biological Sciences department at Warwick.
  • The images was taken by scanning electron microscopy. Electron microscopes do not 'see' colour, the orange here is a digital enhancement to add feel to the image.
snapshotofsci_11.jpg snapshotofsci_12.jpg


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