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Dimitri Chekulaev


oxygen photo-dissociation


What got you interested in this area of science?

It is fundamental research of "very fast" behaviour  of gas molecules while being "knocked" by very strong and short  laser pulse. The typical time for these processes is 100,000,000,000,000 less than 1 second.    


What does your research hope to achieve?

We would like to "play" with waves consisting of electrons (!) as one would do in the bathroom with waves on the water surface.


Briefly, what does the image show?

This picture represents projection of the yield of positive oxygen ions as a result of  photodissociation of oxygen molecule (O2) into O+ and O- ions by 60 femtosecond laser pulse. By applying laser beam with polarisation parallel to the projection plane oxygen ions are accelerated outwards of the centre, in our case "up side down" (upper and lower spots )


Dimitri Chekulaev