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PIC2015, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, 15th - 19th September, 2015

Conference Background

The international symposium on Physics in Collision (PIC) is a conference series exploring and updating key topics in Elementary Particle Physics, where new results have been published or are due to be published before the next symposium. The PIC symposium series began in 1981 in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.

The conference program consists of invited talks and contributions in poster session. Invited speakers review and update key topics in elementary particle physics with the aim of encouraging informal discussions on new experimental results and their implications. The aim of the presentations is to encourage informal discussions of new experimental results and their implications.

The topics at the symposium cover a wide range of physics subjects from experimental and theoretical accelerator-based particle physics to astroparticle physics. Specifically, the meeting topics include Electroweak phenomena, neutrino physics, QCD, heavy flavor physics, heavy ion physics, Higgs physics, Searches for BSM physics, and astroparticle physics. Invited oral presentations are made during plenary sessions.

Symposium poster session

There will also be a poster session that is open for contributions from all participants. All abstracts for posters having potential interest to the particle-physics community are welcome. This includes topics such as current experimental measurements, detectors, future experiments and facilities, theoretical ideas, etc., a broader range of topics than that of the plenary invited talks. Accepted posters will be displayed during the conference poster session. Posters will be based on abstracts submitted to the organizers.

Past Conferences

XXXIV 2014, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
XXXIII 2013 Beijing, China
XXXII 2012 High Tatras, Slovakia
XXXI 2011 Vancouver, Canada
XXX 2010 Karlsruhe, Germany
XXIV 2009 Kobe, Japan
XXVIII 2008 Perugia, Italy
XXVII 2007 Annecy, France
XXVI 2006 Buzios, Brasil
XXV 2005 Prague, Czech Republic
XXIV 2004 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
XXIII 2003 Zeuthen, Germany
XII 2002 Stanford, California, USA
XXI 2001 Seoul, Korea
XX 2000 Lisbon, Portugal
XIX 1999 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
XVIII 1998 Frascati, Italy

XVII 1997 Bristol, UK
XVI 1996 Mexico City, Mexico
XV 1995 Krakow, Poland
XIV 1994 Tallahassee, Florida, USA
XIII 1993 Heidelberg, Germany
XII 1992 Boulder, Colorado, USA
XI. 1991 Colmar, France
X. 1990 Durham, North Carolina, USA
IX. 1989 Jerusalem, Israel
VIII 1988 Capri, Italy
VII 1987 Tsukuba, Japan
VI 1986 Chicago, Illinois, USA
V. 1985 Autun, France
IV 1984 Santa Cruz, California, USA
III 1983 Como, Italy
II 1982 Stockholm, Sweden
I 1981, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA