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Dr Semën Gorfman

Research Interests

My research work is mostly concerned with the investigation of microscopic origin of physical properties in crystals:

  • Physics of piezoelectric materials
    (getting inside the microscopic nature of piezoelectric effect)
  • Perturbation crystallography
    (investigation of microscopic crystal response to applied external electric field)


  • High precision single crystal diffractometry
    (use of synchrotron radiation to study the fine features of crystal structures)
  • Electron density in crystals
    (characterization of chemical bonds in crystals)
  • Time-resolved X-ray diffraction
  • Fine structural features in perovskite based ferroelectrics
    (application of high-resolution X-ray diffraction to reveal the symmetry of a single ferroelectric domain)


Extinction direction in birefringent crystals: see more details


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