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Useful crystallographic programs

1. Exploring extinction directions in birefringent crystals:

This program shows the cross polar extinction directions in a birefringent crystal when a light is propagated perpendicular to the screen (Z axis). You can:

  • Define the pseudocubic crystal lattice parameters (close to cubic by the reason below)
  • Define the orientation of a crystal relative to the Cartesian XYZ coordinate system (X is horizontal, Y is vertical and Z defines the direction of the light / perpendicular to the screen)
  • Set the parameters of optical indicatrix including the magnitudes and orientation of the main axes (e1, e2 and e3)
  • To help the orientating of the indicatrix, additional possibility to define the new crystallographic axes a,b and c is introduced

The program considers 48 different twin domains, where it is supposed that twinning originates from the parent point group mbar3m. You can:

  • Display the extinction directions for a specific twin domain (one of 48)
  • Display the extinction direction for all the 48 twin domains
  • Show the section of optical indicatrix by a plane parallel to the screen, i.e. perpendicular to the propagation of the light
  • Show the stereographic projection of crystal <100> directions

Furthermore, the program

  • Displays the Wulff Net with the different number of steps (Define number of steps equal to 2 if you want just main circle and XY directions)
  • Rotates the Wulff Net around Z axis by any requested angle

More detailed description and help is coming soon

Download the test version of the program

The program is written on MATLAB. If you do not have MATLAB istalled at your computer, you may still use the program. The only thing you need to do is to install MATLAB Compiler Runtime. If this procedure still seems a bit tedious to you (MATLAB Compiler Runtime would require about 400 MB of your disk space) bear in mind that you only have to do it once. After that all the world of MATLAB based stand alone applications will be open to you.

Download the MCRInstaller here. Unzip the file, install the MRI and run the program

The program screenshot is given below: