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Group Members

The group members are listed below along with links to their individual webpages.



Dr Diane Holland (Head of Group)


PhD Students

Martin Mee - "Environmental protection by waste encapsulation: a fundamental study of atomic environments"

Nattapol Laorodphan - "Structural study of lone pair cation in glasses"

Andrew Grigg - "Characterisation of cation and halide distribution in immobilised legacy wastes"

Oliver Alderman - "The Structure of Binary Oxide Glasses"


Lab Technicians

Dave Hammond

Past Students 

Raba'Ah Azis - "NMR study of structure development in sol-gel YIG and YAG"

Nathan Barrow - "Novel half-integer quadrupolar solid state NMR correlation experiments for probing atomic proximities and connectivities in disordered materials"

Robin Orman - "Characterisation of novel antimony (III) oxide-containing glasses"

Emma Barney - "The structural role of lone pair ions in novel glasses and glass forming systems"

B. Parkinson - "Influence of Composition on Structure and Caesium Volatilisation from Glasses for HLW Confinement"

M. Islam - "The effect of diavalent oxides on the wasteform glass for high level waste vitrification" (2005) 

R. Orman (MSc) - "Phase Transitions in Antimony Oxides and Related Glasses" (2005)

B. Parkinson (MSc) - "An investigation of caesium borate glass volitility in high level waste vitrification" (2004)

P. Ingram (MSc) - "Crystal phase formation in tin containing glasses" (2004) 

M. W. G. Lockyer - "High resolution multinuclear nuclear magnetic resonance studies of oxide glasses" (1993)
A. Taylor - "The chemical synthesis and crystallisation sequence of mullite" (1992)
A. J. Sturgeon - "Glass-ceramic coatings for metals" (1987)
M. Assuncano - "Thermoelectric measurements on amorphous semiconductors" (1986)

M. S. Meikhail - "Study of the physical properties of some glasses" (1985)