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Dr. Susan Burrows


I graduated from the University of Leeds in 1988 with a degree in Textile Chemistry, and from University of Warwick in 1995 with a PhD in Materials Physics. Recent research interests include glasses and ceramics, sol-gel and thermography. I also have experience working in the diamond group at Warwick, using a high pressure high temperature press to look at diffusion in diamond. I have also undertaken research in the Ultrasonics group, looking at high temperature piezoelectric sensors and laser-EMAT systems, with previous experience gained in laser generated ultrasound and the propagation of Lamb waves for use in Non-Destructive Evaluation.


I am the manager for the teaching labs, covering first year, second year and the MPhys labs, ensuring that the labs run safely and efficiently. I am also involved in delivering the Communicating Science module.

My interest in music is utilised through lecturing in the science of acoustic instruments, part of the Science of Music interdisciplinary module run by the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning.


My areas of research include high temperature ultrasound; this can involve either generating/detecting ultrasound using piezoelectric sensors with a high Curie point, or using a watercooled EMAT (electromagnetic transducer) either on its own or with a laser for ultrasound generation (laser-EMAT). These techniques can also be used to look at phase transitions in materials.

My other main area of research is in glass ceramics. A recent industrially funded project involves looking at leaching of nuclear waste glasses in different ground waters, to gain an understanding of the corrosion processes and to look at the compositional and structural changes which may occur.


I am deputy senior tutor with responsibility for first year undergraduates.

I am the Juno/Athena SWAN lead for the Welfare and Communication Group in the department which looks at equality and working practices. The department currently holds a Juno Champion award from the Institute of Physics and an Athena Swan Silver award; more details on these awards and the 'women in Physics' group can be found here. I also sit on the Institute of Physics Juno Assessment panel.

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