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Conferences and Courses


Society of Glass Technology Annual Meeting - Liverpool, April 2004


Recent Advances and Applications of Solid-State NMR from Superconducting Physics to Molecular Biology - Warwick University, September 2004 

An international symoposium to mark the retirement of Prof. Ray Dupree 


GLAMOR (GLAss and AMORphous Materials) - Cambridge, April 2005


NMUM - Warwick University, March 2006

Neutron and Muon Users Meeting (NMUM) with the New Perspectives in Neutron and Muon Science workshop (NPNMS 2006)


International Workshop on Current Challenges in Liquid and Glass Science (SpencerFest)

The Couseners House, Abingdon, 10-12 January 2007 (photo below)


SpencerFest 2007


Courses and Training 


Mathematical Applications - Introduction to MatLab (2006)

Bal Dhesi, IT Services, Warwick University 


Creating long documents using Microsoft Word (Office XP) (2006) 

IT Services, Warwick University


Using Styles and Templates in Microsoft Word (Office XP)

IT Services, Warwick University


Introduction to Concept Mapping (2006)

Robert O'Toole, Warwick University


Planning and Writing Up a PhD Thesis (For Sciences) (2006)

Dr Jenny O'Leary and Dr Ruth Ayres, Warwick Skills Training, Warwick University


Networking Skills (2006)

Dr Jenny O'Leary, Warwick Skills Training, Warwick University


Using Formulae and Functions in Excel (2006)

Michelle Brook, IT Services, Warwick University


Adding News and Events Content in Sitebuilder2 (2006)

IT Services, Warwick University


Designing and Delivering Presentations (2006)

IT Services, Warwick University