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Old News

October 2013: Welcome to new PhD students Sinead Mottishaw, Claudio Vallotto and Angelo Frangeskou

Sinead's webpage

Claudio's webpage

Angelo's webpage

Fri 14 Oct 2016, 09:59

October 2013: Levitated qubits paper out in PRL

M Scala, MS Kim, GW Morley, PF Barker & S Bose, Matter-wave interferometry of a levitated thermal nano-oscillator induced and probed by a spin, Physical Review Letters 111, 180403 (2013)

Fri 14 Oct 2016, 09:56

August 2013

Paper out on graphene oxide featuring summer student Will Woodruff

Mon 15 Dec 2014, 10:13

Hybrid qubits in silicon

We have demonstrated quantum control of bismuth spin qubits in silicon in a new regime where the electronic and nuclear spins are hybridized so as to be close to a 50:50 superposition. This could make it easier to build a quantum computer by avoiding the "worst of all worlds" regime where the system coherence time is limited by the electron T2 time and the time needed for spin control is limited by the NMR pulse duration. You can read our paper in Nature Materials, the accompanying News & Views article, the PhysChemPhys write-up, our press release, and even watch our YouTube video!

Tue 23 Apr 2013, 10:00

New PhD Students

October 2012: Ben Breeze, Anton Tcholakov, and Chris Wilkes have started their PhD projects. Ben is working on Rapid Scan EPR with Mark Newton, while Anton (electrically-detected EPR of qubits in silicon ) and Chris (Electrically detected magnetic resonance of novel materials) are working with Gavin Morley.

Fri 09 Nov 2012, 14:37

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