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UK 850 MHz solid-state NMR facility 2011 annual symposium

Monday April 4th 2011


10.30am Registration

Morning session

11.00 am John Griffin (St Andrews), “High-resolution solid-state NMRof inner-Earth minerals”

11.20 am Mark Pfuhl (Kings College), “Using solution and solid-state NMRto study complexes of F-actin”

11.40 am David Bennett (Nottingham), “Measurements of proton-oxygen-17 distances in solids”

12.00 noon Oleg Antzutkin (Warwick), 4. “Exploring hydrogen bonding in amyloid fibrils of Alzheimer’s Aβ fragment Aβ(16-22) using 15N(17O) REAPDOR NMR”

Lunch 12.20pm – 2.00pm

Afternoon session

2.00 pm David Middleton (Liverpool), “Structural modulation of amyloid fibrils and intermediates by glycosaminoglycans”

2.20 pm Andrew Tatton (Warwick), “14N-1H correlation spectra at 850 MHz”

2.40 pm Natalia Karpukhina (Queen Mary), 7. “Double resonance NMR study in ionomer glasses and low-gamma nuclei NMRfor the cation substitutions in fluorapatite”

3.00 pm Filip Ciesielski (Nottingham), “Structural analysis of lantibiotic/lipid II complexes in lipid membranes”

3.20 pm Mark Smith (Warwick), “Solid-state NMRobservation of quadrupolar nuclei at high field including 43Ca and 87Sr”

3.40 pm Break

4.10 pm Melinda Duer (Cambridge), “17O NMRof biominerals gives new insight into mineral formation and the process of crystal organisation”

4.30 pm Garrick Taylor (Southampton), “Acidic residues of β2m fibrils essential for binding the fibril stabiliser Serum Amyloid P component”

4.50 pm Abil Aliev (UCL), “Natural abundance high-resolution 2H NMRof organic solids”

5.10 pm Kenneth Harris (Cardiff), “In-situ solid-state NMRstudies of crystallization processes”

5.30 pm Close of meeting