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UK 850 MHz solid-state NMR facility annual symposium

Thursday March 29th 2012



10.30 am Registration

Morning session

11.00 am. Tran Pham (GSK) “Solid State NMR of Pharmaceuticals using the UK 850 MHz SSNMRFacility at Warwick”

11.25 am Valerie Seymour (University of St. Andrews) “Solid-State NMR Investigation into Local Structure and Order in the Aluminophosphate STA-2”

11.50 am Andrew Williams (Cardiff University) “In-Situ NMRStudies of Crystallization Processes in Polymorphic Systems”

12.15 pm Oliver Alderman (University of Warwick) “B-11 double rotation NMRas a probe of local and intermediate structure in crystalline borates”

Lunch 12.40 pm – 2.00 pm

Afternoon session

2.00 pm Frédéric Blanc (Cambridge University) “Ion Mobility and Trapped Defects in Doped Perovskites by NMRSpectroscopy”

2.25 pm Greg Martin, (Nottingham University) “Multi-nuclear NMR Studies of the Hydrogen Storage System LiBH4/MgH2/”

2.50 pm Nasima Kanwal (Queen Mary College) “Solid-state NMRstudy of Sr- and Mg- substitution in fluorapatite”

3.15 pm Boyan Bonev (Nottingham University) “Antibiotic/target recognition in lipid membranes”

3.40 pm Break

4.10 pm Jillian Madine (University of Liverpool) “Mapping the glycosaminoglycan binding site in Alzheimer’s amyloid fibrils and prefibrillar oligomers by high-field 13C solid-state NMR”

4.35 pm James McDonald (University of Warwick) “A Solid State 31P, 29Si and 43Ca MAS and DORstudy of Tricalcium Phosphate (a-TCP) and its Silicon Substituted Variant (Si-α-TCP ).”

5.00 pm. Steve Wimperis (Glasgow University) “Improved background suppression in MAS NMR”

5.30 pm Close of meeting