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Time Allocation January - June 2020

200111 Ashbrook, Sharon High-Field Solid-State 17O NMR Investigation of Metal-Organic Frameworks
200112 Blanc, Frederic 6Li and {6Li}–27Al HMQC NMR studies into the local structure of lithium ion conductors
200113 Blanc, Frederic Heteronuclear correlation and 1H-1H spin diffusion build up curves to determine the location of ortho- and meta-xylene isomers within the loaded pillar[6]arene supramolecular assembly
200114 Blanc, Frederic Probing intramolecular interaction in pharmaceutical solid dispersion by high field and fast magic angle spinning NMR spectroscopy
200115 Brown, P. Steven Application of 35Cl Experiments to Characterize Disordered Pharmaceuticals
200116 Brown, P. Steven 15N-1H Through-bond Correlation on Natural Abundance Organic Molecules at 850 MHz and Fast MAS
200117 Bruce, Peter High-Temperature 23Na Hopping Studies of Mixed Cation Superionically Conductive Ceramics
200118 Carravetta, Marina Probing acid sites on doped AlPOs with 14N NMR on absorbed ammonia
200119 Carter, James Zirconium NMR on CdZrO4 derivatives
200120 Dupree, Paul 2D and 3D 13C NMR studies of whole plant stems
200122 Dupree, Ray Cellulose microfibril structure
200123 Finch, Adrian High-Field 11B NMR Investigation of Boron Speciation in Corals
200124 Grey, Clare Investigating the charge storage mechanisms in high-capacity sodium-ion cathodes
200125 Griffin, John Solid-State NMR investigation of Photochromic Guest Species in MOFs
200126 Griffin, John Solid-State NMR Investigation of Dopants in Semiconducting Polymers
200128 Hanna, John 87Sr Solid State NMR Studies of Nb, Ta and LaTa doped SrTiO3 to be Used as High Temperature Thermoelectric Materials; Determining the Nature of Sr Vacancies Formed
200129 Harris, Kenneth Application of the CLASSIC NMR Strategy to Study Clathrate Hydrate Crystallization
200130 Khimyak, Yaroslav 19F-13C water polarization transfer (WPT CP) NMR experiments for probing water fluorine interactions in novel fluorinated biomaterials
200131 Lewandowski, Jozef Structure determination of the complex between antibiotic teixobactin and lipid II (continuation project)
200132 Linclau, Bruno Proposal for logP Measurement in Liposomes Using 19F NMR
200133 Morris, Russell High-Field Solid-State 17O NMR Study of Framework Lability Mechanism in Zeolites
200134 Dermot, O'Hare Silica@layered double hydroxides catalysts for polymerisation
200135 Pfuhl, Mark Solid state NMR investigation of proteins bound to F-actin
200137 Smith, E. Mark Elucidating the structure and reactivity of inorganic and hybrid nanocomposites by improved characterisation of interfacial bonds: insight from high resolution 17O NMR experiments at ultra-high field
200138 Walkley, Brant High-field 39K MAS NMR to resolve incorporation mechanism of Sr and Ca in geopolymer wasteforms
200139 Walton, Richard High-Field 71Ga NMR Spectroscopic Study of Mixed Aluminium/Gallium Phosphates (AlGaPOs)
200140 Williamson, Philip Unravelling the role of S100A9 in neurodegenerative disease