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1.9 mm probe HXY conventional insert design H177715

Probe description: H177715_0001 PH MASDVT850W6 BL1.9 X/Y/H +14N

Maximum spinning speed 42 kHz

Inserts available: 29Si, 14N to 2H; 13C, 14N to 29Si; 27Al, 14N to 29Si; 23Na, 14N to 29Si

Probe VT range -50°C to 80°C

Operating Instructions

Power levels

Nucleus 90 pulse power sample
1H 2.5 us 57.4 W Adamantane
31P 4.85 283.5 W Ammonium Dihydrogenphosphate
15N 2.72 450 W 15N alpha-glycine
13C 2.5 us 180 W Adamantane