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Experiments implemented at the 850MHz spectrometer

Experiment Pulse sequence Data

MQMAS amplitude modulated split t1. (path: ±3 → ±1 → 0 → -1)


MQMAS amplitude modulated split t1 with DFS (path: ±3 → ±1 → 0 → -1) mp3qdfszthreehalf.di dinu.iuga/nmr/Test_RBNO3_3.2mm_Hx/301

MQMAS amplitude modulated z filter (path ±3 → 0 → -1)

mp3qzqf.di dinu.iuga/nmr/Test_RBNO3_3.2mm_Hx/304
MQMAS phase modulated whole echo (path: +3 → +1 → -1) mp3qthreehalf.dib dinu.iuga/nmr/Test_RBNO3_3.2mm_Hx/305
STMAS DQ filtered whole echo split t1 jg_stst15dqf stephen.wimperis/STMAS setup 2.5mmHX/25

Double Frequency Sweep (DFS) enhancement of the central transition of Half integer quadrupolar nuclei


RAPT enhancement of the central transition of half-integer quadrupolar nuclei rapt90sel.di


HS enhancement of the central transition of half-integer quadrupolar nuclei rapt90sel.di dinu.iuga/nmr/TEST_YAG_2.5mm_HFX_dfs_rapt_homo/207
CPMG static jg_cpmgstatic sharon_group/25Mg enstatite 4mm Low-G/8
CPMG MAS jg_cpmgMAS sharon_group/25Mg wadsleyite 2.5mm DBB HXY/22
13C or 15N    
1H-15N cp cp johanna.baldus/nmr/15N17O_100201_histidine/2
1H-13C cp cp johanna.baldus/nmr/15N17O_091101_histidine/2
CP-MAS 13C T1 cpxt1 mark.edgar/nmr/13C-26112012/4
CP + Selective pulse cp90sel.di dinu.iuga/nmr/Tyrosine_selectivep/35
1H-13C cp with 1H and 19F decoupling cpf2f3.di dinu.iuga/nmr/Test 2.5mm HFX PVDF CP/20
19F-13C cp with 19F and 1H decoupling cpf2f3.alsc dinu.iuga/nmr/Test 2.5mm HFX PVDF CP/22

1H and 1H - X experiments

1H-14N HMQC with R3 recoupling hmqcr3.di dinu.iuga/nmr/TEST_glycine_14N_2.5mm_HX/318
1H Dumbo dumbo1d_2.ipso.jpb amy.webber/nmr/13C1H_091127_alanine/5
1H windowed PMLG wpmlgd2 dinu.iuga/nmr/TEST_glycine_14N_2.5mm_HX/12
baba (DQ-1Q) 2D baba2dn.jg jon.bradley/nmr/1H_091103_alanine/2
Dumbo (POSTC7) 2Q-1Q dumbodqsqp20.jpb jon.bradley/nmr/1H_091103_alanine/11
13C 1H refocused INEPT inept2d.alw amy.webber/nmr/13C 1H_091127_alanine/22
13C (SQ)-1H(DQ) refocused INEPT ineptDQ2D amy.webber/nmr/13C 1H_100115_alanine/8
Spin 1/2 homo nuclear    
SARCOSY cpSARCOSY.jjt dinu.iuga/nmr/tyrosine_nottingham/11
CPDARR cpdarr.di dinu.iuga/nmr/tyrosine/130
PDSD cpdarr.di dinu.iuga/nmr/tyrosine/131
SC14cp SC14cp2d.di


POST C7 pc7cp2d.di


REDOR 13C{31P} cpredori dinu.iuga/nmr/Bone_Dave_Reid_Cambridge/22
REDOR 27Al {31P} redor.nk Karpukhina/nmr/4mm triple_31P-27Al AlPO4
REDOR 27Al {19F} redor.nk

Karpukhina/nmr/2.5mm HX 19F-27Al Na3AlF6

REDOR 13C{15N} jb_cpredori dinu.iuga/nmr/Glycine)3.2HXY_test_redor
REAPDOR 15N {17O} cpreapdor.ih johanna.baldus/nmr/15N17O_100302_glycine/103
13C -15N experiments    
Double CP jb_cpPAIN johanna.baldus/nmr/13C 15N_091101_histidine/10
2D REDOR jb_redor2d johanna.baldus/nmr/13C 15N_091101_histidine/13
13C- 17O experiments    
HMQC jb_hmqc johanna.baldus/nmr/13C17O_091030_glycine/18
TEDOR jb_zgTEDORb johanna.baldus/nmr/13C17O_0911114_glycine/28
Spin 1/2 CSA    
CSA amplification dc_dproar-sat-3 sharon_group/nmr/89Y Y2Ti2O7 4mmlowG/4


DOR Experiments

Experiment Pulse sequence data
11B dor.ih dinu.iuga/DOR_installation_80912/100
17O dor_dec.ih dinu.iuga/DOR_installation_091110/78
23Na dor.ih dinu.iuga/DOR_installation_80912/5
87Rb dor.ih dinu.iuga/DOR_installation_80912/106
spin diffusion dor_sdfsg.aph dinu.iuga/DOR_installation_80912/212
mqdor dor_mq.ih dinu.iuga/DOR_installation_80912/420