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Mid-Range Facility Statement of Need

EPSRC are currently consulting the community on its MidRange Facilities, both for renewing existing MRFs and considering establishment of new ones.
Within this context we would like to guage community views on the requirements for silicon based epitaxy, including Si, Ge, C, Sn alloys, multilayer heterostructures and compliant substrates for subsequent growth of other materials.
Currently Warwick provides material to partners as part of joint collaborative projects and on an ad hoc basis for the occasional wafer. We would now like to consider whether this model should be changed to that of a MRF, either integrated within the existing National III-V Technologies Facility or as a stand-alone facility for Group IV semiconductors, and would value your views.
Please fill in the form below with any opinion and information that you feel to be relevant, guided by the questions provided.

Thank You!

Further comments can be sent to or
There are a number of possible models for material supply, each with its own advantages. Please select the one you prefer and add reasons why in the comments box below.
A fully funded MRF approach would ensure supply of Si based material over a reasonable timeframe.
From an EPSRC viewpoint Si is very similar to III-Vs, so if you favour a stand-alone Group IV facility please say why you think the facilities should be kept seperate.
A Programme Grant would provide medium term support for growth capability. It would require a core group of partners to formulate a set of science focused projects and might include the possibility of some ad hoc supply to others outside the consortium.
Individual projects focus the material development activity in specific directions. The full cost of running the epitaxy system has to be divided across those projects that do get funded.
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The information provided on this form will be used for the purpose of assessing the need of the community for silicon-based epitaxy. Comments may be used to construct a Statement of Need for EPSRC, which contributors will have an opportunity to review before submission provided their correct contact details are included on the form.
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