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Research projects since 2008

EPSRC funded "Narrow Band-gap Semiconductors for Integrated Sensing and Communications": 2014-2017
EPSRC funded "Spintronic device physics in Si/Ge Heterostructures": 2012-2016 (42 months)
ERSRC funded "Creating Silicon Based Platforms for New Technologies": 2012-2017 (60 months)
EC FP7 funded "Beyond CMOS Nanodevices for Adding Functionalities to CMOS": 2010-2013 (36 months)
EPSRC funded "Near infrared single photon detection using Ge-on-Si heterostructures": 2010-2014 (42 months)
EPSRC funded "Room Temperature Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers on Silicon Substrates": 2010-2014 (42 months)
EPSRC funded "Silicon Resonant Tunnelling Diodes and Circuits": 2009-2013 (36 months)
EPSRC funded "On-chip milikelvin electronic refridgerator for astronomical and quantum device applications": 2008-2013 (60 months)
EPSRC funded "Renaissance Germanium": 2008-2012 (42 months)
EC FP7 funded "Silicon-based nanostructure and nanodevices for long-term nanoelectronics applications": 2008-2012 (36 months)
EPSRC funded "UK Silicon Photonics": 2008-2013 (60 months)