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Dr Natalia Parzyk

The aim of my research was to investigate the properties of some unconventional superconductors. I studied the flux line lattice in superconductors and the symmetry of the superconducting ground state. My work involved examination of the vortex lattice in materials such as non-centrosymmetric superconductors where multi-band superconductivity or time-reversal symmetry breaking are possible.

My experimental work involved magnetisation measurements using the Group's Magnetic Property Measurement System and also muon spectroscopy at ISIS, Oxfordshire and small angle neutron scattering (SANS) at ILL, Grenoble.

SANS measurements can be applied to the examination of the flux line lattice because the neutron carries a magnetic moment. SANS is a direct probe of the morphology of the vortex lattice, and may also be used to obtain the real - space field distribution in a superconducting material. The vortex lattice form factor F(qhk), obtained from measured reflectivity Rhk for wave vector qhk is related to the superconducting penetration depth and the coherence length.

Muons are a very sensitive probe of magnetic field, they can detect a field as small as 0.1 G so they are a good probe of the flux line lattice. Muon spectroscopy (μSR) involves longitudinal field (LF) (muon relaxation) and transverse field (TF) (muon rotation) experiments. Measured in a TF, the muon depolarisation rate, σ is related to the penetration depth and hence to the superfluid density. The electronic relaxation rate acquired from LF measurements gives the field distribution associated with the spins.

In July 2014, I submitted my Ph.D. thesis: "Muon and Neutron Studies of Unconventional Superconductors" and my viva took place on 23rd of October 2014. (Thesis download).

Current Role Blue Book Trainee, Shift2Rail, European Commision.

h_foot_print_jean_victor_.png Courses attended:

- EX0c: Probes of Condensed Matter (Muon Spectroscopy)
- EX0b: Probes of Condensed Matter (Photoemission spectroscopy)
- EX0a: Probes of Condensed Matter (Neutron Scattering)

- ISIS Muon Spectroscopy Training School 19-24 March 2012
- Warwick Introduction to Microscopy 20-22 July 2011
- Midlands Mathematica Seminar 10 November 2010
- IOP Low Temperature Physics 3 November 2010

h_foot_print_jean_victor_.png Conferences:

- ISIS Frontiers of Muon Spectroscopy - 17-18 September 2012, Oxford (oral presentation)
- IOP CMMP11 - 13-15 December 2011, Manchester (oral presentation)
- IOP CMMP10 (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics) 14-16 December 2010, Coventry

h_foot_print_jean_victor_.png Courses taught: 

- Demonstrator in the 1st Year Physics Laboratory
- Demonstrator in the 1st Year Electronics Workshop


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