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Professor Konstantin Kamenev


Konstantin Kamenev joined the Superconductivity and Magnetism Group in 1996 having completed his Ph.D. and a spell as a postdoctoral research fellow in Czech Republic working with Dr. Zdenek Arnold. During his time at Warwick, Konstantin studied the structural, magnetic and transport properties of manganese pervoskites. This work placed particular emphasis on the properties of these material under high pressure. After completing his post doc here at Warwick, Konstantin moved to Edinburgh University, where he is now a Professor (Chair of Extreme Conditions) based in the School of Engineering & Electronics and the multidisciplinary Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (SCEC).

Research Interests

Instrumentation engineering for sciences at extreme conditions. This includes the design and construction of instruments, which provide sample environment at the extremes of pressures, temperatures and magnetic fields (high-pressure cells etc.) and auxiliary equipment for diffraction, spectroscopic, magnetic and electric transport measurements. The equipment is built for use in the laboratory and at Central Facilities.

Prof. Konstantin Kamenev

Write to

School of Engineering & Electronics,
Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions,
Erskine Williamson Building 2-14,
The University of Edinburgh,
King's Buildings,
Edinburgh, EH9 3JJ




Contact Details

+44 (0)131 651 7232
+44 (0)131 650 5902


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