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Matthew Pearce

Background & PhD

I completed my PhD within the Superconductivity and Magnetism Group at the University of Warwick under the supervision of Dr. Paul GoddardLink opens in a new window. I performed magnetometry, transport, heat capacity and x-ray studies, both in-house at Warwick and at central facilities, typically in combination with the use of low temperatures and high magnetic fields. With these, I studied the magnetic, electronic and structural properties of a variety of systems, including magnetic materials and systems which exhibit unconventional superconductivity.

Prior to this, I completed my MPhys Physics degree at the University of Warwick in 2016, where my final year project involved the use of ultrasound, in conjunction with laser interferometry, to study the resonant modes of Ge membranes.




  • Upcoming invited talk: Magnetic monopole density and antiferromagnetic domain control in spin-ice iridates
    Condensed Matter and Quantum Materials, online (2021)
  • Magnetometry and transport studies of single-crystal pyrochlore iridates
    APS March Meeting, online (2021)
  • Unusual phase boundary of the magnetic-field-driven valence transition in CeOs4Sb12
    Condensed Matter and Quantum Materials, St Andrews, UK (2019)

Poster Presentations

  • IOP Magnetism Conference, online (2021)
  • Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics, Bristol, UK (2019)
  • Theoretical and Experimental Magnetism Meeting, Abingdon, UK (2018)

Teaching and Outreach

I demonstrated the ultrasound experiment in the second year undergraduate laboratory for the academic years 16/17, 17/18 and 18/19.
I play an active role in the outreach activities of the physics department, including demonstrating the superconducting levitating train and organising and running hands-on workshops for a wide variety of ages on superconductivity, magnetism, and how to make things levitate!

Courses Taken

PX446 Condensed Matter Physics II (University of Warwick, 2017/18)
MagLab User Summer School (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, 2017)
PX441 Quantum Theory of Interacting Particles (University of Warwick, 2016/17)
Low Temperature Techniques Course (IOP, 2016)

Photo of Matthew Pearce


If you have any questions about Matt's PhD work please contact his supervisor