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Dr Nicky Bancroft

At first Nicky refused to provide us with a we took one while she was meditating....well to be honest she was asleep.

Me "hard at work" in a PSI instrument cabin analysing my data.


An often bewildered individual, I was tricked into staying in physics by forces beyond my control and thus failed to escape from this institution upon finishing my degree.

During my Ph.D. project I investigated the properties of some RNi2B2C (R=rare earth element) magnetic superconductors. Most of my experimental work was carried out at the ILL in Grenoble where we used neutron scattering to look at magnetic structures, superconducting properties (via the flux-line lattice) and how the two phenomena of magnetism and superconductivity interact in these materials. Back at Warwick I grew bigger, better single crystals for experiments and made pretty pictures from all the data I collected in France.

If, for some unfathomable reason, you would like to view a poster of some of my work on ErNi2B2C then please click here.

Nicky now works as a Physics teacher here in Warwickshire.