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Sam Holt

About Me

I completed a Master of Physics (MPhys) degree at the University of Warwick in 2017. I am currently researching Skyrmionic materials, including materials which have previously been identified to exhibit skyrmionic behaviour, as well as exploring new materials which may exhibit this behaviour under the supervision of Prof. Geetha Balakrishnan.

Courses Taken

PX446 Condensed Matter Physics II

Topas Rietveld Refinement School

Python MPAGS

Teaching Duties

I demonstrate the X-ray diffraction experiment in the first year undergraduate laboratory.


Hicken T.J., Holt S.J.R., Franke K. J. A., Hawkhead Z., Štefančič A., Wilson M. N., Gomilšek M., Huddart B. M., Clark S. J., Lees M. R., Pratt F. L., Blundell S. J., Balakrishnan G., Lancaster T., 2020 Magnetism and Néel skyrmion dynamics in GaV4S8-ySey Physical Review Research 2, 032001(R)

Štefančič A., Holt S.J.R., Lees M.R., Ritter C., Gutmann M.J., Lancaster T., Balakrishnan G., 2020. Establishing magneto-structural relationships in the solid solutions of the skyrmion hosting family of materials: GaV4S8-ySey Scientific Reports 10, 9813

Štefančič A., Moody S.H., Hicken T.J., Birch M.T., Balakrishnan G., Barnett S.A., Crisanti M., Evans J.S.O., Holt S.J.R., Franke K.J.A. and Hatton P.D., Huddart B.M., Lees M.R., Pratt F.L., Tang C.C., Wilson, M.N., Xiao F., Lancaster T., 2018. Origin of skyrmion lattice phase splitting in Zn-substituted Cu2OSeO3. Physical Review Materials 2, 111402.


Sam Holt
Superconductivity and Magnetism Group (Room P156)
Department of Physics
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL


S dot J dot R dot Holt at warwick dot ac dot uk


+44 (0)24 765 22382