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Ibrahim Elhoussieny

I graduated from the faculty of science, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt with a major in Materials physics. From that time till the start of my Ph.D. in Warwick, I worked as a lab demonstrator and teaching assistant for various physics undergraduate courses. During that period, I obtained my master's degree in physics and got a lot of skills such as fabricating Nanocrystalline semiconductor thin film by chemical bath deposition(CBD) technique, and depositing different materials using thermal evaporation(TE) technique, and measuring and analyzing electrical measurements. After my master, I was awarded a scholarship to get my Ph.D. from Warwick.

My PhD research in Warwick

In 2018, my Ph.D. started in the department of physics with the surface science group led by D. Gavin Bell. The research is mainly about topological insulators and thermoelectric materials. The current focus is to study the preparation of the Antimony-based systems such as Sb, ZnSb, and BiSb thin films with their structure and thermoelectric performance. The growth of my samples is carried out by two techniques: 1- Molecular beam epitaxy, MBE (UHVsystems: Madge & Morbius), 2- Low-pressure physical vapour deposition, LPPVD (HV system: Mercutio), 3- Lithography (For electrodes). While the characterization is done by different microscopy techniques (SEM, AFM, STM), X-ray Techniques (XRD, XRF, XRR, XPS) and Reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED). The electrical measurements are also done by Van der Pauw Hall effect measurement system.

Other activities in Warwick

Besides the professional training on the above-mentioned techniques, Doctoral skills and MPAGS modules, I have attended different workshops in Warwick such as:

1- Academic Writing: Extended Scientific Articles and Reports.

2- Team Working in a Research Environment, CH953.

3- Academic and Professional Pathway for Postgraduate Research Students, (APP PGR), 6-month-programme. And I am now recognised as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

4- Communicating Science to Different Audiences, CH935.

In the second year, I presented a virtual poster of the current ZnSb thin films works in the annual poster session for the second year PG students at the department.

Social media

I love photography, you can follow me on Instagram to see pictures I take. Also, you can follow me on any of these other platforms.

Instagram II Myportofolio II Linkedin II Research Gate

Contact Details

Office: P234, Physics building, university of warwick, CV4 7AL

Telephone: +44 (0)