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One important strands of the STM work at Warwick, using an Omicron micro-STM operating in UHV, is to study adsorbate-induced restructuring on metal surfaces. The focus of this work is adsorbate-induced surface structural modifications on metals, with an emphasis on vicinal surfaces and the inter-relationship of the structural phases formed on low index terraces and the propensity of the adsorbate to induce facetting on a microscopic or nanoscopic scale. Our first work in this area concentrated on the nature of the oxygen-induced facetting of vicinal Cu(100) surface (see recent publications below), trying to understand better the well-known oxygen-induced (410) facetting of such surfaces. The figure shows an STM image of a region (300 Å x 300 Å) surrounding a ridge between two different facets of {410} type - for further details of this and related images see our STM Image Gallery.

More recently we have been investigating the nature of N, thiolate and S-induced restructuring of other Cu surfaces, and, most recently, Ag and Au surfaces. This latter work forms part of a concerrted programme of work, also using the PhD and NIXSW methods, to try to gain a better understanding the interface structure of so-called self-assembled monolayer (SAM) systems of alkanethiols on these coinage metal surfaces

Visit our STM Image Gallery.

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