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Helen Balogun

Position: PhD Student

Supervisor: Dr. Rebecca Milot

Research interests: Metal halide perovskites, THz spectroscopy, energy materials, ultrafast photonics.

Funding: EPSRC


I studied my undergrad at Queen Mary University where I gained a first class masters degree in chemistry (2013-2017). In my 3rd year literature project I looked at “High temperature superconductors” with Dr Isaac Abrahams and in my masters project I did a project on the “The design and synthesis of materials for Bioelectronics” with Dr. Christian Nielsen. I found through these projects that I enjoyed learning about different materials and wanted to do more research in understanding them and with my growing interest in energy materials and renewable energy I wanted to research metal halide perovskites..

Research Summary

My current research interests are using terahertz spectroscopy to understand the underlying mechanism that take place in Sn and Pb metal halide perovskites that have applications in solar energy. I used techniques such as optical pump -THz probe (OPTP) to explore the charge carrier dynamics of the material (such as mobility, diffusion length and lifetime),in addition I use techniques such as Uv-vis, photoluminescence (including mapping), time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and transient electron absorption spectroscopy (TEAS) to supplement my work.

Teaching and Demonstrating

This year I have demonstrated for 1st &2nd year electronics labs.

My profile