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Research Funding

Listed below are our main funded projects. EPSRC projects are linked to the EPSRC website where all the grant details can be viewed, including a summary of the project, the value of the grant and the list of the collaborators.

We would like to acknowledge EPSRC and the EU for the support provided to fund our core research activities.


Current EPSRC Support (P) = Principal Investigator

EP/S010076/1 EPSRC Strategic Equipment - High Speed CT (CoI) SD
EP/N025393/1 High Frequency Flexural Ultrasonic Transducers (HiFFUT) - a new class of transducer (P) SD
EP/L015587/1 EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Quantitative NDE (CoI) SD&RE

Other Current Support (P) = Principal Investigator

Royal Society Royal Society Industry Fellowship (with Rolls Royce) SD
Industry Evaluation of transducers for Condition Monitoring SD
Industry Design of industrial ultrasonic flow meters SD
RCNDE Feasibility study on robotic EMAT scanning RE


Past EPSRC Support (P) = Principal Investigator

Non-Contact Laser Based Ultrasound of Engineering and Advanced Aerospace Materials GR/R06328/01

Applications and characterisation of novel non-contacting ultrasonic techniques GR/A93016/01(P-SD)

UK - China Outgoing International Visit in the area of NDE, Measurement and Instrumentation EP/C519167/1

Combined remote thermography and non-contact ultrasonic inspection using pulsed laser excitation EP/C517695/1(P-SD)

Non-contact dual probe using eddy current and ultrasonic techniques GR/S24435/01(P-SD)

Novel theoretical and experimental developments for ultrasonic measurements of crystallographic grain textures in metals. GR/T29116/01(P-SD)

Ultrasonic texture measurements of strip (UTMOST) GR/S01436/01(P-SD)

UK Research Centre in Nondestructive Evaluation GR/S09388/01

New Instrumentation for the Scientific Study of Rail Defects EP/C534808/1(P-SD)

Combined remote thermography and non-contact ultrasonic inspection techniques using pulsed laser excitation EP/F023316/1 (P-SD)

Ultrasound detection and emission techniques: application to the study of first-order phase transitions

INSPIRE: Robust Biocatalysis for Energy Solutions EP/J015202/1 (C-RE)EP/H024247/1 (P-RE)

High temperature ultrasonic measurements of plant and components for defect detection and monitoring EP/G042284/1 (P-SD)

Automated non-contact ultrasonic measurements of single crystals EP/I031979/1 (P-RE)

EMATs for non-contact NDE of austenitic steel EP/I03160X/1 (P-SD) - link to data from projectin publications

UK Research Centre in NDE EP/F017332/1 (C-SD)

Steerable Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Technology for Flow Measurement and NDE Applications, in short ‘SACUT’, European Commission ref. 612118 (P-SD)

Non-contact ultrasonics: new methods for large and small scale measurements 202735 ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant (P- RE)

Development of online, high temperature, nondestructive measurement/sensing EP/K028995/1 (P-SD)




Other PAST Research Support

RFCS "PARCLOP Project" - EC funded project - subcontracted through Corus

ECSC "IMPROVEMENT TO BILLET SURFACE AND SUBSURFACE QUALITY" - EC funded project - subcontracted through Corus

RFCS "SURFQUALDEV project" - - EC funded project - subcontracted through Corus

Corus - funding towards EPSRC UTMOST (GR/S01436/01) project

Novelis (formerly Alcan Research) - funding towards EPSRC UTMOST (GR/S01436/01) project

Identifying Cracked Rails using Ultrasound and Machine Learning; NESTA Crucible Seed Funding (P-RE)

Feasibility study to investigate the potential for GMR, AMR and fluxgate based magnetic measurements for NDT; RCNDE Feasbility study (P-SD ~£100k)

NESTA Laser machining of glass-ceramics for dental applications; NESTA Crucible Seed Funding

I-Rail - EU funded research project for the development of online ultrasonic measurement of railtrack using EMATs

Ultrasound detection and emission at first-order phase transitions; Royal Society International Joint Project JP090474