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In our research we aim to cover the underlying science involved in a particular ultrasonic measurement technique, with the aim that what we are doing ultimately has some use in real world applications. We work together with other Academic and Industrial researchers, and also try to involve potential end users of the technology in some way.

Some of our research is focused on fundamental physics, with no immediately obvious applications, such as fundamental studies of elastic constants in magnetic materials with variations in temperature and applied field. Some of our research sits at a high TRL level, and we engage with industry on these high TRL R&D projects, delivering impact through the Centre for Industrial Ultrasonics (CIU).

Most of our research is funded by EPSRC, but there are other funding sources that we have including industrial contracts and European funded projects, including the European Research Council (ERC). For more details please read the 'Research Funding' section. We are also a member of the EPSRC funded UK Research Centre for Non Destructive Evaluation.

Many of our research papers can be directly downloaded from the Warwick Repository - WRAP:

Steve Dixon's WRAP papers

Rachel Edward's WRAP papers

If you can't find one of our research papers then please let us know and we will try to get a copy to you.

Our main areas of interest are listed on the navigation bar at the top of the page, so please use this bar to visit various research topics in which you may be interested. We hope that you find some of the work interesting and useful, and if there is anything further that you wish to know then please email for further details.

We would like to acknowledge EPSRC for the funding that underpins our core research.

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