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Group Members

Contact details are available at the following links,

Professor Steve Dixon

Dr Rachel Edwards

Group member information (click name where linked) and availability diaries

Prof. Steve Dixon (Group Leader) (diary)

Dr. Rachel Edwards (Lecturer) (diary)

Jonathan Harrington (Group Technician) (diary)

Dr. Mark Potter (Director of Sonemat) (diary)

Dr. Sue Burrows (RA) (diary)

Dr. Oksana Trushkevych (RA) (diary)

Dr Zhichao (Chao) Li (RA) (diary)

Dr Lei Kang (RA) (diary)

Dr Natasha Lunn (Sonemat) (diary)

Lunci Xiang (PhD student) (diary)

Amanda To (PhD student) (diary)

Joe Cregeen (PhD student) (diary)

Christian Peyton (EngD student) (diary)

Beth Sharp (PhD student) (diary)

Will Somerset (PhD student) (diary)

Silvio Amato (PhD student) (diary)

Luke Smith (PhD student) (diary)

Gala Dalgety (PhD student) (diary)

Martha Turvey (PhD student) (diary)

If you are considering a PhD or MSc starting in October 2021, then please contact Steve Dixon or Rachel Edwards to register your interest.

Former Group Members

Dr Adam Duddridge (PhD) - safety officer in nuclear industry

David Jacques (MSc) - working in civil engineering

Dr Ben Lanyon (MPhil after 1 year of research) - Senior Research Scientist IQOQI, Innsbruck

Dr Marc Fletcher (MSc) - working at Echobox (software development)

Dr Iain Baillie (Eng. D) - now leading Rolls Royce NDT group

Dr Jim Morrison (PhD) - now teaching

Dr Charley Fan (PhD) - manager of electronics company in China

Dr Stephen Essex (PhD)- now teaching

Tim Harrison (MSc) - working for Rolls Royce in NDT

Dr Sean Winwood (Eng. D) - working for Cummins leading NDT research

Dr Ben Dutton (PDRA) - now at the MTC in NDT

Dr Mohd Hashimi Rosli (PhD) - now working for Rolls Royce in NDT

Dr Andy Clough (PhD) - now at the MTC in NDT

Dr Mike Laws (PhD) - now at Rolls Royce in NDT

Dr Kevin McAughey (EngD) - left to do NDT job at GE

Dr Francisco Hernandez-Valle (PhD) - now working for EddyFi

Dr Phil Petcher (PhD) - now at Roke

Dr Rob Hughes - now working as lecturer at Brisol University in NDT

Dr. Tobias Erikkson - now working as patent agent

Dr. Matt Clough - now working at NPL

Dr Sam Hill - now working for Tribosonics in NDT

Dr Mark Skilbeck - now working at Waymont Consulting Ltd.

Dr Foz Hughes - left to work in NDT SMEs

Dr Yav Arnoudov - left to join sensor company in Bulgaria

Dr Alan (visitor from PUC Rio returned to Brazil)

Dr Claire Thring - now working as a PDRA at Glasgow University

Dr Abbas Egbeyemi - now working for Ether NDE

Dr Joe Tkcoz - now working as an analsyst

Dr Yeudong Xie - now working as lecturer in China

Dr Ray Zhou - now working as a PDRA in Warwick Diamond group

Dr Andrew Feeney - now working as Lecturer at Glasgow University