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Optoelectronics Improvement

Course structure

The aim of the course is to provide a background understanding of some of the most significant areas within the field of optoelectronics and lasers.

The emphasis is on trying to understand the areas discussed within the lecture, hopefully through discussion and questions. For this reason much of the material is distributed as copies of partially completed notes, to try and save time in simply duplicating what is presented especially with items such as diagrams.

In some cases the best way to understand a particular subject is to work through it step by step and this is done where it is considered to be of benefit to the understanding of the topic.

I encourage anyone taking the course to suggest any changes that could be made that would improve the content of the lectures. For example do you think that the notes are too detailed or would you like to work more from the white board or visualizer.

If you do not get opportunity to ask a particular question during a lecture, or want something clarified that we have previously covered then please email me and I will attempt to answer your questions in the lectures or via email.

Please email me your suggestions - if you feel that you have to make a non-serious suggestion please ensure that it is very amusing to avoid disappointment (mine that is).