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PhD Studentship on ATLAS 2020: Reconstruction at 1MHz

High Speed Track Reconstruction: In preparation for the High Luminosity LHC, the data acquisition system (trigger) will be completely upgraded to be able to process the ~200 proton-proton collisions that will occur every 25 ns inside the ATLAS detector (40 MHz). Events not selected by the trigger are lost forever and in order to have as much information as possible for this decision, charged particle reconstruction (tracking) will be attempted at rate of 1 MHz - faster than anything ever attempted before. Custom solutions, possibly employing machine learning, on hardware components need to be developed for this project to succeed. The student will develop solutions and test them in the context of searches for exotic new particles (so-called long-lived particles) that travel partially through the ATLAS detector before decaying into Standard Model particles. This class of searches cover many new physics models including explanations for the nature of dark matter.