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  • Summary of DAQ systems
    • TPC (Patrick/Jen)
    • TOF (Alexander)
  • Synchronising TOF and TPC data
    • What input does each DAQ require?
    • CERN spill signal is a TTL pulse with a user configurable delay ( BeamControl.pdf)
      • What delay is needed by TOF and TPC
    • Can we network TOF and TPC machines into a common local network? What OS are each DAQ machine using?
  • Slow control and monitoring
  • Output data
    • Data-taking mode : runs of fixed time period, or individual spills?
    • How do individual data fragments get timestamped within the output structure?
    • What format is the timestamp? Local unix time? Asynchronous run/spill identifiers?
    • How do we correlate the outputs of the two detectors (i.e. suppose I have a particular TPC image. How do I findthe right TOF information?
  • What is the dataflow from DAQ to Analysis?
    • What stages of pre-processing of the raw data will be needed
    • Does the code to do this exist and if so where will this processing happen (and by whom)?
  • Hardware requirements for the testbeam
    • What equipment will each system send to CERN
    • What does each system need in terms of ancillary systems such as network, common storage, processing space,...
    • Where is the data (both TOF and TPC) stored in the long-term?

TOF DAQ Summary (Alexander)