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Contains a partial list of talks that I have or may have given

T2K seminar at University of Sydney and University of Pittsburgh : pdf, ppt

Neutrino Cross section seminar at University of Birmingham (23/1/08) : pdf

Public Evening Talk to West Midlands IoP Branch (29/1/08) : pdf, odp, ppt

Talk to the Coventry Probus Club : pdf , ppt

OpenDay talk : pdf, odp, pptBlois 2013 OpenOffice talk

Talk for the Inaugural Warwick-Birmingham Joint Meeting : pdf

Blois 2013 OpenOffice talk

Smallpeice Trust Engineering Masterclass talk

How particle interact Smallpeice Trust talk

Nustec 2014 Talk (prototype)

Nufact2014 Talk

OpenDay talk 2014 : pdf, ppt


Physics Cafe talk - 2016 : pdf

Talk to King Edward School visit - 2017 : pdf

Physics Cafe talk - 2019 : pdf

Physics Cafe talk - 2022 : pdf

Sydney Colloquium 2022 : pdf