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Matthew Broome


Exotic Quantum Devices Lab

Exotic Quantum Devices Lab

We are in the beginning phases of the so-called second quantum revolution. Whereas the first delivered fundamental laws that govern physical reality—allowing for the invention of the laser and transistor—the second revolution is an advanced exploitation of quantum mechanics, leading to technologies entirely outside the realms of classical physics. This bold move to harness the exotic and weird nature of quantum entanglement, will be underpinned by an ability to isolate, measure and control individual quantum states in solid-state environments.

While mastering this level of control across a variety of platforms, material and fabrication technologies are also undergoing rapid and substantial evolution. In this domain, the realisation of truly two-dimensional crystals, with remarkable electronic and optical properties, mark the most significant turning point of this century. My research programme exploits the remarkable optical and electronic properties of two-dimensional (monolayer) semiconductors to realise novel optoelectronic devices and explore phenomena at the quantised level.

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2D heterostructures fabrication station

This system is a homebuilt microscope and micro-manipulator station purpose built for the fabrication of 2D heterostructures. The system comprises of a heated sample mount on top of XY translation and rotation stages, an additional high precision micro-manipulator is used to pick up and place material. The sample mount sits under a epi-illuminated microscope complete with short and long pass filters for sample photoluminescence, and 5-100x magnification equi-parfocal lenses.

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Teaching and other activities

PX399 - Earth and its Atmosphere - 2nd Year Undergraduate Course

PX271 - Physics Skills, Ultrasonic Lab - 2nd Year Undergraduate Laboratory

PX402/319 - Final Year Project Coordinator

Academic staff representative for Welfare and Communications Group, Physics Dept.

PhD Students

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