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Polariton BEC

Semiconductor microcavities provide an excellent playground for studying condensation in a dissipative environment. Strong interactions between confined photons and quantum-well excitons lead to new quasi particles called microcavity polaritons which can be studied via far- and near-field techniques, and their interaction properties manipulated externally by changing both the pump power and the energy detuning between photons and excitons.


Microcavity polaritons, being made from fermionic particles and photons, have several special features. Due to the large wavelength of their photonic component and non-linearities associated with their under-lying fermionic structure the physics exits the regime of weakly interacting bosons at even modest density. Polaritons in planar microcavities are two-dimensional (2D) particles which can be trapped either in stress-induced harmonic potentials or in natural traps provided by microcavity disorder.

Coherence in a 2D polariton condensate

Below the superfluid transition in a 2D condensate we have bound vortex-antivortex pairs and power-law decay of first order spatial coherence g1


Above the transition vortex-antivortex pairs unbind and g1 decays exponentially


How g1 decays in a polariton condensate which is also 2D can be found here:

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BEC of Polaritons in CdTe microcavities

First unambiguous demonstration of polariton BEC:


Occupation of different momentum (nearer image) and energy/momentum (further image) states across the condensation transition from left (uncondensed) to right (condensed).

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Condensation in nonequilibrium driven-dissipative system: laser-BCS-BEC crossover

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Disorder and Polariton BEC

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BCS-BEC crossover in microcavities