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Eduardo Mendive Tapia

I am Eduardo and I have just finished my PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Julie B. Staunton, head of the Magnetism and Alloy Theory group and leader of the PRETAMAG project. I use computational methods to study temperature-dependent magnetic properties of materials. I am currently working at Warwick developing further my research and looking for post-doctoral positions.

My Research

I am interested in describing the magnetic properties of materials in terms of the motions and interactions among the electrons and nuclei forming the magnetic solid itself. During my PhD I have extended a Disordered Local Moment (DLM) theory to describe magnetic phase transitions at finite temperatures from first principles, i.e. from purely theoretical inputs. The formalism models thermal fluctuations of local magnetic moments exploiting magnetically constrained Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations. From this I have developed a method to calculate not only simple pairwise interactions between the local moments, but also more complicated multi-site interactions. The theory consequently describes magnetic ordering and the stabilisation between long-period magnetic phases. It provides the magnetic material's free energy, among other thermodynamic objects, as functions of temperature, magnetic field, lattice parameters, and atomic positions. It tracks the order of the magnetic phase transitions and predicts consequent tricritical points, allowing the construction of magnetic phase diagrams.

The theory can also be used to investigate caloric effects, in particular magnetocaloric and mechanocaloric effects driven by the application and/or removal of a magnetic field and a mechanical stress, respectively.


Eduardo Mendive Tapia

Dr. Eduardo Mendive Tapia


Address: Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

Office: PS001, Physical Sciences Building

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