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Dr. Tom Latham


I am a Senior Research Fellow in the Elementary Particle Physics Group here at Warwick.

I work on the LHCb experiment, based at CERN.
My principal activity is the analysis of 3-body charmless decays of b-hadrons, in particular into final states containing a K-short meson. In addition, I am involved in the analysis of B meson decays to 3-body open-charm final states.
I served as convener of the charmless b-hadron decays physics working group from January 2015 to March 2017.
I also work on the Vertex Locator sub-detector where my main contribution is to the detector geometry description in the simulation software (both maintaining that of the current detector and developing the description of the upgrade detector) and performing on-call "piquet" shifts.
I recently took on the responsibility of coordinating the migration of the geometry description for the whole detector to use the DD4hep toolkit.

I also work on the BaBar experiment, based at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California.
I was convener of the Charmless Three-Body Hadronic B Decays Analysis Working Group from February 2007 to September 2009.
I also served as a member of the Speakers Bureau from October 2012 to April 2014.

I am also responsible for the maintainance and development of the EvtGen and Laura++ software packages that are used throughout the high energy physics community.


I teach a graduate course on Sofware Development with C++ in conjunction with my colleague Ben Morgan and colleagues at the University of Birmingham and University of Bristol.

The resources for this course can be found here. In recent years the course has been rewritten to incorporate the more recent C++11, C++14, and C++17 standards and to include the git version control system, the CMake build tool, the Catch2 unit testing framework, and the Doxygen documentation generation tool.

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Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

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Office: P449
+44 (0) 24 7652 4654
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