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Pre-16 Resources

Key Stage 3 Resources

Many of our departments offer resources aimed at KS3 students and teachers, including visits to schools, visits to the university, teaching resources, and extra curricular activities to engage students interested in STEM. To view some of the resources available, please use the following links: School of Life Science (Biology); Computer Science; Warwick Manufacturing Group (Engineering); Mathematics; Physics.

Topic in a Box

Topic in a Box is an initiative to get GCSE students interested in studying STEM subjects at a university level by producing engaging, practical, and interactive sessions based on the GCSE curriculum but written, produced (and optionally presented) by Warwick University staff and students. This is a new project, so should you have a GCSE topic you wish to have support on then please do email us on

The Big Bang Fair

The Big Bang Fair is hosted in Birmingham at the National Exhibition Centre every year, with academics and students from Warwick involved in its delivery. In 2022, the event will run from Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 June. Registration opens soon, so please visit the website to sign up for the newsletter! The organisation also has a range of digital material from Big Bang Digital in 2021.

GCSE Resources

The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine offers a wide variety of resources for the GCSE curriculum. As well as Topic in a Box, there are plenty of subject-specific resources for teachers (and students) to access via our ten departments.

GCSE Biology

The University of Warwick's School of Life Sciences offers a variety of services for students, teachers, and schools. From practical hands-on lab sessions to lectures and school visits, the School of Life Sciences aims to inspire students to explore the world of bioscience. They work with Foundation Stage (Reception Year) up to Sixth Form students, and also offer Professional Development sessions for teachers via Warwick CTE. To view a full range of what the School of Life Sciences offers (COVID-19 dependent), please click this link.

GCSE Chemistry

The Chemistry Department at the University of Warwick invites school students to the department for days in the teaching laboratories, tours, tutorials, and workshops. The Chemistry department also organises staff members visiting schools to give lectures on some of their research topics or to teach the fundamentals of the subject to younger students as part of a practical demonstration lecture. For more information or to ask about what we offer, please contact us on

GCSE Computer Science/Digital Technology

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick arranges lots of events for students at a variety of levels. They have developed Play, Code, Share, which is a project which bringing together Computer Science and the Arts in an exciting way. The students are given a new opportunity and taught the skills that are required of them in the GCSE Curriculum, but in a creative and playful way which empowers them to continue their learning outside of school.

Another of our departments, Warwick Manufacturing Group, also offers a wide range of resources for schools and students. From computer programming to computer-aided design, there are lots of resources on their outreach pages for all ages, including GCSE students and teachers.

GCSE Engineering

The School of Engineering at the University of Warwick has a journal club for 16-18 year olds, where they are asked to read a paper each fortnight and critically analyse it's strengths and weaknesses. This is excellent preparation for attending University in any STEM subject and beyond! There are also more resources for budding engineers and their teachers on the Warwick Manufacturing Group webpages, where you can find lesson plans, online resources and programs for GCSE students. They also run a series of events for students of all ages.

GCSE Mathematics

The Institute of Mathematics at the University of Warwick offers bespoke schools visits (both to the department and in schools) for a variety of different ages, including GCSE. They are currently in the process of updating their webpages, so there's more exciting resources to come! There are also mathematics resources available from Warwick Manufacturing Group, such as TurtleStitch which combines computer programming and mathematics.

GCSE Physics

The Department of Physics at Warwick offers a variety of events, including Planetarium experiences inside an inflatable planetarium dome and Christmas lectures at Warwick Arts Centre. For GCSE students, there is a resource to teach students about outer space, complete with presentation and questions. They also offer schools visits and trips to the University. Some of these are not currently available due to COVID-19, but we anticipate them being up-and-running again soon.

GCSE Science (Combined)

The University of Warwick via its departments offers a variety of resources for combined science students and teachers (please see individual subjects above, as well as the Topic in a Box resources). Outside of our organisation, the STEM Learning Council offers a wide range of resources and CPD opportunities for teachers and students at GCSE level.

Student Resources

If you are a student, there are a wide variety of resources available for you. Please see the subject areas above and find something that interests you! We also have a quiz [coming soon] to help you decide which subject is for you based on your interests or what job you are interested in doing in the future. You can also view our Thinking about Science Brochure to get an idea of what A-Levels to take for specific subjects, job roles that Warwick graduates go on to do, and to gain more advice about routes into studying STEM at university.

Work Experience

Some of our departments offer work experience for students to let them experience what it is like to work for a University. Please find below links to departments that advertise this service:

School of Life Sciences

Department of Physics